Garage Entry



I didn’t think to take a picture of the garage entry in the beginning, but it would have been a plain brick wall with carpet. Boring. The entry space was covered in wallpaper (as you can see on the right (please excuse my short shorts)) and is now wallpaper-free with easy-to-clean tile for those wet winter boots! Freddy cut and laid the tile himself and he did an amazing job with the angles I envisioned.

The wedding board has since been repainted with a magnetic paint and a new coat of chalkboard paint; it will soon be our weekly hub for schedules, notes, and to-do lists! We got the perfectly sized bench on sale at Home Depot and moved over some throw pillows from another room. The bins were on sale at Sears (check out Sears for this type of stuff – they always have great sales on home goods!); they’re the perfect height to easily place and grab hats and gloves during the winter. The rug was a recent Target find.

IMG_5537 (Winston is just showing off!) IMG_5695

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