15 Months: The Age of Awesome and a Perfect Day

15 months of age is awesome. I mean food scarfing, pitter-pattering, uncontrollable giggling matched with hiccuping awesome. Exhibit A: Today, Emma and I engaged in an epic battle of plastic serving spoon vs. pancake flipper.  We chased each other around the house, taking turns smashing the utensils together and playing the offensive. I was slightly worried,…… Continue reading 15 Months: The Age of Awesome and a Perfect Day

Happy 1st Birthday, Emma Josephine!

Emma Jo! How in the world has it been over a year since you came into this world?? On April 16th, 2014, you were born. You. were. BORN. In truth, I’m speechless when I think about this past year. It’s been impossible, beautiful, encouraging, frustrating, humbling and rewarding. Over the last 12 months, you have…… Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday, Emma Josephine!

A House Peppered with Laughter

Emma Josephine, You have peppered this house with laughter. I choose “peppered” over “filled” because pepper is the best seasoning you can add to any dish, hands down. And because I’m hungry. The point is, I watch you with curiosity as you learn, move, act, react, eat, sleep, play, and I always catch myself smiling, chuckling,…… Continue reading A House Peppered with Laughter

Meijer Runs and Grass Grown Green

I was in Meijer this week. I’ve had several days off over the holidays so after several illnesses ravaged our house and left the place ransacked, I decided to finally make the most out of being at home with Emma. I bundled her up for some grocery shopping and made the decision to slow down.…… Continue reading Meijer Runs and Grass Grown Green

Happy 8 Month, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are well over 8 months old! Your month marker came and went without our typical photos this time around because in the battle between documenting and living, real life wins. Because sick babies need comfort, not camera flashes and catch phrases. Your smiles were cut short this month with coughing fits that scared us so…… Continue reading Happy 8 Month, Emma Josephine!