Happy 10 month, Emma Josephine!

10monthcollageEmma, dear, tomorrow you are 10 months old!

Your grandma wasn’t about to let another month pass without a post about all of the things you’ve been up to so here we go! Over the past TWO months, you have been constantly on the move! You got a walker for Christmas and love to take laps around the house. When you’re not on your feet, pulling, balancing, or walking with help, you’re on all fours, crawling faster than a speeding bullet, stopping to wave as you go.

You and Winston are buds. It may be because you rarely take food from a spoon, preferring to feed yourself and your furry friend, or it might be because your new mobility keeps Winston on his toes. He gently holds toys so you can tug them. You reach over your highchair so he can dine on avocado, carrots, potatoes, and puffs. You’re a troublesome twosome for your mom and dad, defiantly working against the “No”s and “Don’t do that”s.

You had your first Christmas where you were showered with love. Unwrapping your gifts, you discovered a xylophone and your place in the band. You are independent. Strong-willed and funny and most definitely ours. Your daycare providers tell us you’re quirky too, taking individual Cheerios atop avocado slices, plating food like your father. You appreciate the aesthetic presentation.

You’re sleeping and so are we but we are beyond tickled when you’re awake. You have us laughing and hugging and appreciating this family unit we’ve become. From quiet snuggles to monster voices, we are enamored with you, dear love.

Happy 10 month, Emma Josephine. You are a blessing to this family and a joy.

BONUS PHOTOS: Because I realized after the shoot below that I repeated your vest. You skinny thing! I thought for sure I’d be safe without reviewing your posts!

10monthcollage1Repeat or not, you’re too cute not to share.

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