Happy 11 Month, Emma Josephine!


Emma, dear, you are one short day away from being 11 months old! (11 months old?)

These past four weeks have been filled with incredible joy. THIS is what people think of when they wax nostalgic for the baby stage. You are constantly on the move, not just physically but mentally too. You go, go, go until something new catches your eye and then your wild abandon quickly becomes acute focus, your tiny fingers going over seams, zippers, cupboard doors, or instruments. Discovering. Learning. Manipulating.

You stand. You bring yourself up on your own with wobbly legs and when you sit, you do so slowly, with intention, lowering your body safely to the ground. You do not plop to your bottom; you are strong. You love to run with your walker but if it’s not around, you use the bar stool, laundry baskets, the ottoman! Anything that slides across the floor. For heavy objects, you lean in and grunt until the item begins to budge, our very own strongman.

You love to try new foods, rejecting only bananas and pureed beef. (I read “beets,” I’ll have you know). Your appetite thrills us and we chuckle over reports of two servings of mac ‘n’ cheese at daycare for lunch. ‘Atta girl! You love chugging water, throwing your head back with sippy cup in hand, and you prefer to feed yourself. That independent thread is woven throughout your being, from feeding to playing, learning and persisting. You’re fearless.

Transitions are hard but I can relate. We see the tired creep into your eyes and know when you’re fighting a much needed nap. When family is around, you prefer to pry those lids wide to not miss a thing. You communicate to all of us by pointing, clapping, waving, patting, dancing, and “dadada/mamama/nanana/bababa”-ing. You sit for reading and play while bathing. You understand a warning but don’t much care to heed one without distraction.

We think you’re the funnest human being we know and we love this stage, delightfully devouring every new thing you do. We are constantly calling to each other to “Watch this!” or “Listen to that!” – full of Emma-awe and parent

Happy 11 month, Emma Josephine. You are a blessing to this family and a joy.

One response to “Happy 11 Month, Emma Josephine!”

  1. Love your pictures! What a sweetie!

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