15 Months: The Age of Awesome and a Perfect Day

15 months of age is awesome.

I mean food scarfing, pitter-pattering, uncontrollable giggling matched with hiccuping awesome.

Exhibit A:

Today, Emma and I engaged in an epic battle of plastic serving spoon vs. pancake flipper.  We chased each other around the house, taking turns smashing the utensils together and playing the offensive. I was slightly worried, of course, that my introduction of the game would lead to a fat lip for one of us as she wildly wielded her spoon. Instead, she seemed to respect the unspoken rules of the game, realizing that I only ever made contact with her spoon and never her person.

She disarmed me, but in a completely unanticipated act of honor, gave me back the flipper and challenged me to resume. The second time she disarmed me, she again offered the flipper. This time when I went to take it, she countered with a whack. Only a fool would continue to extend a weapon without making a lesson out of it.

You are wise, young grasshopper.

Exhibit B:

This evening, Fred started the bath to begin Em’s nighttime routine. To keep her distracted, I pulled out a book that I grew up with and asked her to come sit down.

The book has a cutout for your face so you can go through and make funny faces while you read. Emma watched and laughed for a few, but decided she needed to check it out for herself. When she came to the back of the book and saw that there were no funny faces from my end, she didn’t skip a beat.

Luckily, Fred was within shouting distance to capture the result:

The coolest Face Book.
The coolest Face Book.

I mean really?! This kid is awesome. She’s hilarious and curious and engaged.

Sometimes I get so worn out with juggling all of the to-dos. But today?

Today was perfect.

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