A Mile A Day: Day 22

She rode her bicycle while Freddy, Winston, and I walked. She pedaled hard. She almost made the turn from road to sidewalk this time. She only needed a little push.

Halfway through the ride, she stopped. “I need to climb this wall,” she said.

She hopped off her little bike and scaled the retainer wall that comes up past my waist. Back and forth, back and forth she walked until she reached the end and hopped down back onto her bicycle.

We crossed the road, Emma and I and I pulled her bike up over a curb. I turned my head to watch Fred and Winston cross and her bicycle slowly backpedaled off the curb. It scared her. She almost fell off but she jumped backwards instead, avoiding a messy fall.

Good job, Em!

Near a fence with a cement retainer wall, she stopped again. “I just need a little rest,” she said.

She hopped off her little bike and rested. After a few minutes she asked, “Can we go to the rock?”

We could. So we did.

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