A House Peppered with Laughter

Emma Josephine,

You have peppered this house with laughter. I choose “peppered” over “filled” because pepper is the best seasoning you can add to any dish, hands down. And because I’m hungry.

The point is, I watch you with curiosity as you learn, move, act, react, eat, sleep, play, and I always catch myself smiling, chuckling, or head-back-laughing at your antics. Right now, you’re banging on the window with a teether hanging out of your mouth. I’m not quite sure what you’re banging at or where you found that thing, if I’m being completely honest, but your eyes are smiling as you swing your body around to look at me. You have joy. You look insane, by the way. You often do. Maybe that’s because you’re so carefree. And that’s worth laughing about too.

I guess all I’m saying is, thank you. Allow me to show my gratitude by pulling the tennis ball and your tiny hands away from the dog’s water dish. And please don’t eat his food.

Love always,


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