Borrowed Thoughts: Fitness

Guilty pleasure of mine: Any time I go grocery shopping, I buy either a) a smut magazine (Star, Life & Style, etc.) or b) a fitness magazine. This week I chose the fitness magazine aptly named Fitness. I had to laugh when I read it. You see, life is like an intricate pattern and at particular points in life, certain stitches stand out and grab your eye. I’m focusing on the “feel good.” Here’s what I read:

“Ready, Set, Recharge! Your goal this summer: Work less, play more. Our guide to the good times will do wonders for your body, mind, and spirit.” by Joanne Chen.

These are my favorite bullet points. The quotations signify the headings taken from the actual magazine. The rest is my own interpretation.

  • “Hang with happy people” – [x] My friends are positive, inspiring, humorous, gracious, encouraging, uplifting, and fulfilling people. On top of that? I feel like my next great friend is only a handshake away. I believe that great people are a lot more prevalent in life than we’re led to believe (and that we should celebrate them!). We just need to reflect the same characteristics of a great friend that we desire to know.
  • “Burst into action” – [x] They’re talking about fitness but I’m talking about life! Passivity won’t get you anywhere.
  • “Stop stress” Smell an orange. Seriously. That’s what this one says from the magazine. I like it.
  • “Chill out” – [x] It’s 90-something degrees in my house right now and 400% humidity (approximately), but chilling out means not sweating the small stuff. Brush your shoulders off.
  • “Speak your mind” – [x] This one is awesome. The magazine talks about speaking your mind when lifting up your friends. Really getting specific with your encouragement and praise. It gets me because I used to be known for speaking my mind in a “I have the shield of truth to keep me from caring what you think about it” mindset. Without reading this and over a certain period of time, I’ve replaced that with the speech of love and excitement for others. And it’s so uplifting to me to be able to uplift those around me!
  • “Laugh a lot” – [x] I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Find laughter in your own life. Don’t wait for others to bring it out for you.
  • “Do it bright” – [x] I love bright colors. Wearing them makes you feel better. So stash the black this summer. Do you want to look slim or do you want to look friendly and approachable?
  • “Stretch your limits” – [x] Don’t be complacent. Face your fears. Do something every day that embarrasses you. It builds character.
  • “Capture your winning moments” – [x] Think of all you’ve done. You have a lot to celebrate in your own life!
  • “Give, even just a little” – [x] Give your time. Give some of your paycheck. Whatever it is, pay it forward.
  • “Lend an ear” – [x] Take a break from entertaining, complaining, explaining. Shut yo’ mouf and open your ears!
  • “Lose the blues” – [x] Again, again, again, I’ll say: Focus on the plus side. Be a Positive Polly or Pablo!

I like when I read things that reinforce my own beliefs. Or when I can take headings and apply them to my own mantras. 🙂

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