A Mile A Day: Day 10

I’m officially 1/3 of the way through this self-imposed challenge!

I walked up to a local soccer game with my family and back. The trip was short of a mile but in the same way we eyeball a serving size of [insert guilty pleasure here], I was tempted to count it.

The anxiety of the lie overwhelmed me and as my husband got our daughter ready for bed, I snuck out of the house with the dog. It was lightly sprinkling but I ran into another neighbor on his bike. He complimented my reflective gear. Winning. 

A Mile A Day: Day 8

If you are wondering how I could possibly say anything new about  walking nearly the same mile for 30 days, I assure you, you’re not alone. I’m actually wondering that myself.

The frost was still on the grass this morning so that’s something. There was slightly more traffic. There were certainly more stubborn stops by my territory-marking pack dog pretending to be alpha. But mostly, it was the same walk. I even tried studying the trees in the different lighting to glean some new information to share. And guess what? Nada.

The truth is, I started this journey with two goals in mind that have nothing to do with how many steps I’ve set out to take and it’s those goals that I’m really documenting underneath the foliage.

Goal 1: Finish a project

My dear friend said something the other day that resonated with my so clearly she didn’t even have to finish her sentence. She said to me, “I am really good at starting things”

What she meant, of course, is that she’s really bad at finishing them.

I am so guilty of this!

Part of this challenge is proving to myself that I can commit. A mile a day is a small personal goal when you consider all of the FitBit crazies racking up in 1 day what I’m attempting to get in a business week – but it does require me to show up every day. To plan for success, anticipate and ignore the excuses. And I have a lot of excuses.

If I didn’t write about it, I’d only have myself to hold me accountable. And I’m a shoddy accountability partner. Just ask my former workout partner. Or the workout partner before her.

Goal 2: Rediscover my voice

It’s been ages since I’ve consistently written and I think I’ve lost my authentic voice. What a weird thing to lose! I’ve been listening to The Little Mermaid “Poor Unfortunate Souls” for inspiration on writing this section if that’s any indication of what I’m talking about.

I suppose the wrap-up of Mile 8 then is this:

If you’re reading along and wondering if I am going to post one more snore-worthy post about mileage, I am. Twenty two more, to be exact. If you’re reading along wondering why some days it feels like we’re best friends and some days we’re on different pages, bear with me. By the end of this challenge, I may perhaps have a lot more than 30 miles to show.

A Mile A Day: Day 7

It’s incredible how different the same places can look under different positions of the sun. 

Last night, mile 7 was completed at dusk. Winston and I donned our reflective gear and glowed as the sun set on us.

The colors were deeper, richer. The path was clear. 

And today we’re preparing for mile 8 in the morning light!

Do you have a favorite time to be outside?

A Mile A Day: Day 6

The weekend should be the easiest time to get in some exercise but what I’m learning about myself is that I do better with setting my priorities during the week.

I know that healthy eating can be more difficult during the weekend (hanging out by the fridge isn’t good for anyone), but I’m a little disappointed in myself for not getting up and getting that mile in the morning. Those are prime hours!

That being said, I did manage to get in my mile last night after swapping my dancing shoes for running shoes! Freddy and Winston joined me for a brisk nighttime mile complete with reflective gear for all three.

At 10:30pm, it was peaceful and quiet. A change of scenery. We saw a bunny and a deer. We marveled at the starts. And I completed day 6 before midnight. 

A Mile A Day: Day 5

Don’t think that just because it’s Cinco de Mayo I neglected my mile.

Was it more of a meander? Yes.
Was it followed by tacos? Yes.
Margaritas? Perhaps.
Nachos? Who is counting?!


Get off my back. I got my mile.

A Mile A Day: Day 4

I loved today’s walk. Loved. it.

You know those Fall days when your body is warm and your nose never gets cold but your cheeks feel like perfectly frozen muscles on your face? They’re cool to the touch long after you come inside but the chill never permeates anything else?

That was today’s Spring weather.

And the sunset was full of purples, pinks, and blues up to a yellow divider. I’m telling you. There is something about this Spring!

And you know what else was great? Taking that walk alongside this handsome boy:


He’s the best.

We recently took home a beautifully brindled puppy that we just couldn’t keep in an attempt to give Winston more attention. (More about that on a different day)

Long story short: You can’t make up for a lack of attention by distracting from it.

Our brindled pup has been happily re-homed but we also knew we couldn’t keep taking this stud for granted. Now Winston and I are tackling 30 together! We’re getting out. We’re marveling at creation. We’re moving. (Doesn’t he look healthy?)

A Mile A Day: Day 3

Definitely overdid it yesterday. My knees are whimpering! Note to reader: I thought about using the word “screaming” right there but I feel like it gives my knees too much credit. They’re weak.

Instead of punishing myself, I took mile 3 at a quick but non-punishing pace with my trusty Boxer mutt Winston. There was a lot of stopping to smell the roses. Or, in my case, photograph the roses. Or, in Winston’s case, urinate on the roses.

A Mile A Day: Day 2

Day two is in the books! I snuck out after dinner and took a run around this perfect 1 mile stretch in my neighborhood. And by run, of course, I mean slowly plodded step after step until I had completed the route, all the while pep talking myself out of throwing up burger onto wet pavement. At one point, a man walking his dog joined up on the path and looked back at me. He moved his dog over to the grass as if I was seconds away from running them over. I wasn’t. I contemplated shouting out something like “Oh, don’t worry about me!” or “This might take a while!” but I decided not to make an awkward situation more awkard so I kept quiet. At a pace only slightly faster than his leisurely walk, I did eventually pass (thank God!). 2 miles in 2 days though! Only 28 to go.

Not that I’m counting or anything…

A Mile A Day

If you regularly win your FitBit group challenges, you need to leave. Seriously, I want to get to know you better but this post is not the post. This is not our day.

If, however,  you are consistently in last place and feel like your friends really only invite you so they can feel like demigods in their challenges? Keep reading. We’re basically best friends and should form our own less-than-mediocre challenges; I’m 100% okay with alternating trophies.

I’m the group FitBit loser. I did beat out my friends once on a weekend challenge while volunteering at a high school retreat. While everyone else was enjoying a small group session indoors, my girls and I were on a nature walk to get closer with God (and the weekend step victory). My girls and I did end up having some pretty great talks but even with the 30-60 minute head start, it came down to a sprint off to midnight. I ended up winning by a step or two and the bragging rights were almost worth not being able to walk the next day.

So, no, my personal goals are no where near 10,000 steps. And it kills the former athlete in me to admit that. You really wouldn’t be able to recognize her anyway though so I’m too worried about it. She ate Wendy’s before basketball games, for heaven’s sake. She was NOT that cool.

I’m more of a 2,000 steps / day challenger. And I’m hoping to keep it up for a solid 30 day streak. I’m turning 30 this month so I figured it was a good a time as any to kick off a series of 30 challenges for myself!

Let the year of 30 begin!

Tomorrow …just kidding

I was really tempted to blow it off (there are 31 days in May, after all) but Freddy encouraged me to go and he got the whole family prepped to do it with me! He even waited at the end of the driveway until I could get the mapmyrun app downloaded. Running with a 3 year old laughing the whole way? It’s the BEST! And it surprisingly did not feel that long.


I’m going to go ice my knees now.

Borrowed Thoughts: Fitness

Guilty pleasure of mine: Any time I go grocery shopping, I buy either a) a smut magazine (Star, Life & Style, etc.) or b) a fitness magazine. This week I chose the fitness magazine aptly named Fitness. I had to laugh when I read it. You see, life is like an intricate pattern and at particular points in life, certain stitches stand out and grab your eye. I’m focusing on the “feel good.” Here’s what I read:

“Ready, Set, Recharge! Your goal this summer: Work less, play more. Our guide to the good times will do wonders for your body, mind, and spirit.” by Joanne Chen.

These are my favorite bullet points. The quotations signify the headings taken from the actual magazine. The rest is my own interpretation.

  • “Hang with happy people” – [x] My friends are positive, inspiring, humorous, gracious, encouraging, uplifting, and fulfilling people. On top of that? I feel like my next great friend is only a handshake away. I believe that great people are a lot more prevalent in life than we’re led to believe (and that we should celebrate them!). We just need to reflect the same characteristics of a great friend that we desire to know.
  • “Burst into action” – [x] They’re talking about fitness but I’m talking about life! Passivity won’t get you anywhere.
  • “Stop stress” Smell an orange. Seriously. That’s what this one says from the magazine. I like it.
  • “Chill out” – [x] It’s 90-something degrees in my house right now and 400% humidity (approximately), but chilling out means not sweating the small stuff. Brush your shoulders off.
  • “Speak your mind” – [x] This one is awesome. The magazine talks about speaking your mind when lifting up your friends. Really getting specific with your encouragement and praise. It gets me because I used to be known for speaking my mind in a “I have the shield of truth to keep me from caring what you think about it” mindset. Without reading this and over a certain period of time, I’ve replaced that with the speech of love and excitement for others. And it’s so uplifting to me to be able to uplift those around me!
  • “Laugh a lot” – [x] I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Find laughter in your own life. Don’t wait for others to bring it out for you.
  • “Do it bright” – [x] I love bright colors. Wearing them makes you feel better. So stash the black this summer. Do you want to look slim or do you want to look friendly and approachable?
  • “Stretch your limits” – [x] Don’t be complacent. Face your fears. Do something every day that embarrasses you. It builds character.
  • “Capture your winning moments” – [x] Think of all you’ve done. You have a lot to celebrate in your own life!
  • “Give, even just a little” – [x] Give your time. Give some of your paycheck. Whatever it is, pay it forward.
  • “Lend an ear” – [x] Take a break from entertaining, complaining, explaining. Shut yo’ mouf and open your ears!
  • “Lose the blues” – [x] Again, again, again, I’ll say: Focus on the plus side. Be a Positive Polly or Pablo!

I like when I read things that reinforce my own beliefs. Or when I can take headings and apply them to my own mantras. 🙂