A Mile A Day: Day 4

I loved today’s walk. Loved. it.

You know those Fall days when your body is warm and your nose never gets cold but your cheeks feel like perfectly frozen muscles on your face? They’re cool to the touch long after you come inside but the chill never permeates anything else?

That was today’s Spring weather.

And the sunset was full of purples, pinks, and blues up to a yellow divider. I’m telling you. There is something about this Spring!

And you know what else was great? Taking that walk alongside this handsome boy:


He’s the best.

We recently took home a beautifully brindled puppy that we just couldn’t keep in an attempt to give Winston more attention. (More about that on a different day)

Long story short: You can’t make up for a lack of attention by distracting from it.

Our brindled pup has been happily re-homed but we also knew we couldn’t keep taking this stud for granted. Now Winston and I are tackling 30 together! We’re getting out. We’re marveling at creation. We’re moving. (Doesn’t he look healthy?)

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