A Mile A Day: Day 4

I loved today's walk. Loved. it. You know those Fall days when your body is warm and your nose never gets cold but your cheeks feel like perfectly frozen muscles on your face? They're cool to the touch long after you come inside but the chill never permeates anything else? That was today's Spring weather. … Continue reading A Mile A Day: Day 4

Dog friends, you've been warned!

My husband and I have recently taken up dog sitting. Not for profit but for love and, to be completely honest, with hope of reciprocation. When you become a dog parent, you start to do these crazy favors so that when the time comes, your friends will feel obligated to the same level of crazy. … Continue reading Dog friends, you've been warned!

Our Newest Family Member

Meet Winston! Winston is 9 weeks old and approximately 14 lbs. He was the most mischievous of the boxer-mix litter that we saw and he immediately won over my heart. (He won over Freddy's heart too, but there was a more mild-mannered white pup with brindle patch that may or may not have made more sense … Continue reading Our Newest Family Member