Excuse Me While I Creep on Your Yard

I don’t know what it is about this Spring but I feel like I’m seeing color for the first time. Yellows, pinks, peaches, and reds – they’re stopping me in my tracks. And I’m sure it makes for a pretty strange looking neighborhood stroll when I’m constantly backtracking from lawn to lawn. I’m half expecting the cops to show up at my house asking why I’ve been casing homes in my area.

“Officer, I agree that wandering into my neighbor’s lawn and standing underneath the tree with my phone out is odd behavior. But really, what kind of tree gives off this peach hue? Here, take a look at this picture.”


Have you ever experienced this? It’s not even that I’ve missed the physical trees before but these colors are on overdrive. You know the vibrant green that grass has after a storm? It’s that but every color.

I don’t know if it’s a phase or some undiagnosed health issue but I am absolutely digging it right now. When I wake up and look out my window or go into the yard to throw the ball for Winston – new color is everywhere! My husband thinks I’ve lost my mind. I’m constantly running inside telling him he has to come see something. Then I get him outside and stand him in front of a tree or a shrub, throw my hands out, and exclaim “Are you seeing this right now?? Are. you. seeing this?!”


“Yup, every Spring for about five years,” he tells me.

One response to “Excuse Me While I Creep on Your Yard”

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