A Mile A Day: Day 2

Day two is in the books! I snuck out after dinner and took a run around this perfect 1 mile stretch in my neighborhood. And by run, of course, I mean slowly plodded step after step until I had completed the route, all the while pep talking myself out of throwing up burger onto wet pavement. At one point, a man walking his dog joined up on the path and looked back at me. He moved his dog over to the grass as if I was seconds away from running them over. I wasn’t. I contemplated shouting out something like “Oh, don’t worry about me!” or “This might take a while!” but I decided not to make an awkward situation more awkard so I kept quiet. At a pace only slightly faster than his leisurely walk, I did eventually pass (thank God!). 2 miles in 2 days though! Only 28 to go.

Not that I’m counting or anything…

The Happiest 5k on the Planet

My alarm went off at 5:50am this morning, reminding me that I was about to run in The Color Run – Grand Rapids with one day’s worth of training under my belt and some pre-existing knee pain.

5:50am. Yuck.

My parents were up for the weekend to take care of some GR chores, so I guilted my mom into coming as my support. She was already in the shower when my alarm went off and I shuddered to think of how tired she must be.

Geared up, I headed downtown with my mom to sign-in. I was meeting up with some girlfriends for the run and found them with relative ease.

This is what we looked like before the run:


Clean, fresh-faced, and ready to go!

And after:


Success! Running with girlfriends is so much better than running alone!

The race isn’t timed so we finished when we finished and threw that competitive awkwardness out the window. I may not have been in shape but I had a great time today with my friends. When I needed to walk, we walked. But they definitely pushed me to run!

Here’s my advice: If you have little running experience, I highly recommend signing up as a 5k team leader when you’re feeling ambitious. I know that doesn’t sound like it makes a whole lot of sense but thinking about it: If you lose motivation? Too bad. You’re the leader! You’re committed to running it because people are counting on you!

5ks are kind of my new thing. They’re long enough to make you feel accomplished when you’re out of shape but short enough to be within reach. And it might have something to do with something my mom said to me today about happy people too:

She told me that the happiest people actually engage in more activities that sit outside their comfort zone. Out of curiosity or a desire to tackle something new on their list, they sign up for those things they’ve never done before and, once they complete them, they’re happier for it.

Don’t go thinking that’s made a runner out of me (yet!) – but I continue to see 5ks in my future. And someday soon, I’ll take on something new!



A special thanks to my mom for cheering us on and documenting our day! It means a lot to me!