A Mile A Day: Day 2

Day two is in the books! I snuck out after dinner and took a run around this perfect 1 mile stretch in my neighborhood. And by run, of course, I mean slowly plodded step after step until I had completed the route, all the while pep talking myself out of throwing up burger onto wet pavement. At one point, a man walking his dog joined up on the path and looked back at me. He moved his dog over to the grass as if I was seconds away from running them over. I wasn’t. I contemplated shouting out something like “Oh, don’t worry about me!” or “This might take a while!” but I decided not to make an awkward situation more awkard so I kept quiet. At a pace only slightly faster than his leisurely walk, I did eventually pass (thank God!). 2 miles in 2 days though! Only 28 to go.

Not that I’m counting or anything…

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