A Mile A Day: Day 8

If you are wondering how I could possibly say anything new about  walking nearly the same mile for 30 days, I assure you, you’re not alone. I’m actually wondering that myself.

The frost was still on the grass this morning so that’s something. There was slightly more traffic. There were certainly more stubborn stops by my territory-marking pack dog pretending to be alpha. But mostly, it was the same walk. I even tried studying the trees in the different lighting to glean some new information to share. And guess what? Nada.

The truth is, I started this journey with two goals in mind that have nothing to do with how many steps I’ve set out to take and it’s those goals that I’m really documenting underneath the foliage.

Goal 1: Finish a project

My dear friend said something the other day that resonated with my so clearly she didn’t even have to finish her sentence. She said to me, “I am really good at starting things”

What she meant, of course, is that she’s really bad at finishing them.

I am so guilty of this!

Part of this challenge is proving to myself that I can commit. A mile a day is a small personal goal when you consider all of the FitBit crazies racking up in 1 day what I’m attempting to get in a business week – but it does require me to show up every day. To plan for success, anticipate and ignore the excuses. And I have a lot of excuses.

If I didn’t write about it, I’d only have myself to hold me accountable. And I’m a shoddy accountability partner. Just ask my former workout partner. Or the workout partner before her.

Goal 2: Rediscover my voice

It’s been ages since I’ve consistently written and I think I’ve lost my authentic voice. What a weird thing to lose! I’ve been listening to The Little Mermaid “Poor Unfortunate Souls” for inspiration on writing this section if that’s any indication of what I’m talking about.

I suppose the wrap-up of Mile 8 then is this:

If you’re reading along and wondering if I am going to post one more snore-worthy post about mileage, I am. Twenty two more, to be exact. If you’re reading along wondering why some days it feels like we’re best friends and some days we’re on different pages, bear with me. By the end of this challenge, I may perhaps have a lot more than 30 miles to show.

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