Uncomfortably Full, Fat, and Happy Thanksgiving!

The family has gone home. The bird has been de-boned and divvied up. The dessert plates have been washed and put back in storage and the casseroles, stuffing, and freshly baked rolls are no more than a not-so-distant memory. Well, in truth, they’re actually quite present as an uncomfortable rock sitting in my stomach. And to continue on my path of truth, I should admit that I’m currently sitting in the family room watching a documentary on Joan Rivers with my long sweater pulled over my unbuttoned jeans. Ha, pitiful.

Why do I always eat so much at Thanksgiving? And WHY don’t I ever remember to put on my stretch pants in the morning in preparation for the Thanksgiving feast?

That aside, I am thankful for much in my life 🙂

I am blessed and I am grateful.

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