Happy 8 Month, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are well over 8 months old! Your month marker came and went without our typical photos this time around because in the battle between documenting and living, real life wins. Because sick babies need comfort, not camera flashes and catch phrases. Your smiles were cut short this month with coughing fits that scared us so… Continue reading Happy 8 Month, Emma Josephine!

Christmas before Thanksgiving

What a wonderful evening at Frederik Meijer Gardens! I’ve heard that children help bring the magic back to the holidays and if today was any indication, I’ll be up waiting for reindeer hooves on my roof come Christmas Eve! We headed out for a night of Ho Ho Hos and Christmas carols, Christmas trees and and… Continue reading Christmas before Thanksgiving

1,000 Gifts & Gratitude to God

In honor of my book club and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I will be going through and updating this post until I reach 1,000 gifts appreciated in the here and now. 1,000 sure signs of the blessing and presence of God. Cool night breezes through parted windows. Bright, crisp vegetables made into Pico.… Continue reading 1,000 Gifts & Gratitude to God

Uncomfortably Full, Fat, and Happy Thanksgiving!

The family has gone home. The bird has been de-boned and divvied up. The dessert plates have been washed and put back in storage and the casseroles, stuffing, and freshly baked rolls are no more than a not-so-distant memory. Well, in truth, they’re actually quite present as an uncomfortable rock sitting in my stomach. And to continue… Continue reading Uncomfortably Full, Fat, and Happy Thanksgiving!