1,000 Gifts & Gratitude to God

In honor of my book club and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I will be going through and updating this post until I reach 1,000 gifts appreciated in the here and now. 1,000 sure signs of the blessing and presence of God.

  1. Cool night breezes through parted windows.
  2. Bright, crisp vegetables made into Pico.
  3. A father’s face alight with joy at his daughter’s many faces.
  4. The tireless panting of man’s best friend.
  5. Coconut lotion arousing tropical thoughts passed through hugs.
  6. Baby smiles reaching bright blue eyes.
  7. The volley of toads’ calls setting the night’s rhythm.
  8. Muscles sore from use.
  9. Love notes left on counter tops.
  10. Resting child with half slit eyes.
  11. Ice cream shared in tiny bowls.
  12. Breathing deeply husband’s scent while drifting off to sleep.
  13. Birdsong trumpeted through open windows.
  14. Strong head lifted floor to face.
  15. Patio permission for playful dogs.
  16. Aimless meandering with family in tow.
  17. A father’s tears at gifts unveiled.
  18. Understanding shared over unexpected hs.
  19. Beach sand underfoot.
  20. Grandma’s arms wrapped tightly around grandchild.
  21. Sunshine staining milky bodies golden.
  22. Familiarity in another’s kitchen.
  23. Nephew jumping higher than sky in fit of giggles and pomp.
  24. Cousins’ joy over newborn babe.
  25. Flower petals unfurling in summer heat.
  26. Tires whole after pothole greetings.
  27. Road worker’s hands confidently replacing the air intake cover near steaming radiator and directing to nearest auto repair.
  28. Driver of a classic car stopping on his way out of work to lend a hand.
  29. Steady hands for roads wet and winds racing.
  30. Husband’s safe return.
  31. Community with sweating moms.
  32. Coffee laced with cream.
  33. Discount bag with Bible words.
  34. Baby laughs unleashed in sleep.
  35. 6 month clothes freshly washed.
  36. Advice from mothers uplifting.
  37. Two parents on a date alone.
  38. Friends to watch the little one.
  39. Wardrobe expands as waistline returns.
  40. Car games shorten trips.
  41. Baby hands intent on toys.
  42. Small hands grasp at feet.
  43. Grandparents give a bottle.
  44. Wedding vows exchanged.
  45. Friends from outside state returned.
  46. Summer Shandy cool on lips.
  47. Air conditioning recharged.
  48. Naps permitted in the day.
  49. Family members gathered close.
  50. Hot summer rain sounds on tin roof.
  51. Inside jokes passed back and forth.
  52. Great grandpa filled with pride.
  53. Sister bonding at street cafe.
  54. Face from the past in present.
  55. Curious cats to greet new babe.
  56. Car rides shared with dad.
  57. Flag pole restored.

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