Christmas before Thanksgiving

What a wonderful evening at Frederik Meijer Gardens!FMG11252014santafaceout

I’ve heard that children help bring the magic back to the holidays and if today was any indication, I’ll be up waiting for reindeer hooves on my roof come Christmas Eve! We headed out for a night of Ho Ho Hos and Christmas carols, Christmas trees and and a peak into Christmas traditions around the world.FMG11252014santafaceoutcrop

Santa was wonderful. He patiently sat with children of all ages, listened to wishlists, gracefully managed the frightened child with beat red face and tears pouring from little eyes. When it was Emma’s turn, he made sure to let her see us for the first few pictures and then suggested that we take a picture of her facing him.


I am so glad he did. Emma was so intrigued by Santa, looking intently at his face and beard. I had fully prepared for our own beat red, streaming tears picture with Santa but instead we captured a little bit of Christmas magic.

FMG11252014 012

And for that, I am thankful.

My 2010 Christmas List

I’ve started making my Christmas list. It’s full of great things, I think.

So far it includes:

A bike rack, a Jeep Wrangler (or partial down payment), a yoga mat, gym membership, plane tickets to CO for an amazing concert at Red Rocks (or concert tickets), iTunes money, sky diving session, motorcycle classes, golf lessons, new Sperrys, fleece zip ups, sister-bonding microbrew tour, a book shelf and more books to put on it, a cabin weekend among friends, running shoes, sewing machine, family time and hot cocoa on the stovetop, Christmas morning crepes… Oh, and SCARVES!

A girl can dream, can’t she?

But if I could ask for nothing else for myself, I ask for continued peace in my soul, courage in heart, and faith in my steps.