Happy 8 Month, Emma Josephine!

8month_collageEmma, dear, you are well over 8 months old!

Your month marker came and went without our typical photos this time around because in the battle between documenting and living, real life wins. Because sick babies need comfort, not camera flashes and catch phrases. Your smiles were cut short this month with coughing fits that scared us so fiercely, we bundled you up in the middle of the night and took you to the hospital. We scanned your little lungs and heard words like “pneumonia” and “double ear infection.” But you are so tough and you continue to recover, even today, tugging at those ears in a way that breaks our hearts and has us praying and scheduling appointments.

You are determined beyond belief, in everything you do. From battling sickness to trying new foods and visiting new places. You pulled yourself to a stand just before Thanksgiving and haven’t stopped since. This Thanksgiving, you were thankful for Aunt Hanna’s sweet potatoes, for cousin love and grandma snuggles, and in our act of thankfulness to God for you, we declared our dedication to raising you in His Word.

Your little fingers and hands are busy, splashing bath water, tugging hair, petting your pup, and picking up Puffs (aka baby rice cakes…very strange). Formula didn’t phase you! But your clothes are shrinking again, turning pants to pedal pushers and making your parents look foolish (thank goodness for tall socks to keep you covered!).

We love you more than you will ever know. This month gave us a glimpse into what I imagine is the hardest part of parenting: The inability to stop the hurting. We would take on all of it if we could but we are so grateful for the resilience God has given you. You are so strong, sweet love.

Happy 8 month, Emma Josephine. You are a blessing to this family and a joy.

One response to “Happy 8 Month, Emma Josephine!”

  1. […] Sweet boy, I am all sorts of behind on your blog posts but I did remember to make your 8 month board and take pictures; I feel like that counts for something (maybe backdating this entry will help…let’s all pretend it isn’t 11/21)! And while we’re on the subject, this 8 month madness felt familiar so…I looked back and confirmed: we went through the same thing with your sister! […]

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