Quit this Hiatus. I Need to Write.

Déjà vu. It’s that feeling that hits me in the face on a warm, closing night that has me looking at things indirectly out of the corner of my eye. It’s the bass that hits and shifts my hips back and forth without so much as a warning. It’s the feeling of confidence that stands up straight inside me and brings a smile to my face. It’s throwing the moon roof back to soak up the warmth and the memories of the outdoors. It’s Spring and it’s got me feeling like I’m on back on top.

It struck me tonight that I’ve been spending too much time away from the one thing that I will never grow too old for. Too long since I’ve thought about what I want to say or how I want to say it. Too long since I’ve worked something out on “paper.” Too long since I’ve thrown caution to the wind. Laid out my flaws. Bared it all.

Truth is, you can only walk away something that you love for so long before it calls you back.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I’m back…

“Give Me Everything” Pitbull

One comment

  1. shelly · June 3, 2011

    Good to hear. Funny – I was just thinking about the fact you’d stopped writing and missing your posts. You have a gift, and I hope you’ll find a way to use it.

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