Go ahead. Lose yourself in love.

Remember when I used to blog? Yeah, neither do I…

The truth is, I’ve been so terribly busy these days that I just can’t seem to find the time! Those people who blog all of their wedding plans, I’m convinced they’re jobless. Or not planning their wedding. Or much more efficient than I. Regardless, they’ve got something I don’t. So instead of blogging all of the details of my wedding, I’m going to go the other equally annoying route and gush about my beau:

Yesterday, I came home from work on my lunch hour to empty cupboards. Later in the day, I mentioned my misfortune to Freddy. Today, he called me to say he would like to make me lunch if I’d come over on my lunch hour. He didn’t just invite me over for grilled brats and fresh fruit, however; he also hand-washed my car while I was there! All within the confines of my lunch hour!

And do you know why he did that?

No reason.

He’s my favorite. And I’m not blindly won over by food and a clean vehicle. I’ve got lists of reasons why he’s the creme of the crop.

A story:

Some time last month, I was sitting at the bar at one of his restaurants. A woman (whom I was later told was in the middle of separating from her husband) was at the bar drinking with her friend. When she found out that I was engaged (and not at all interested in joining the man-hating movement), she demanded that I tell her what I loved about Fred.

You know what’s funny about love? I could have rattled off a number of things from my lists right then and there, but I didn’t.

I think that when you really love someone and take pride in protecting your relationship, you don’t open it to negativity. I understood that she wasn’t looking for a reason to hope and so I couldn’t bring myself to tell her how I’ve learned that a man (of God) will protect, love, honor, cherish, respect, challenge, seek to understand, listen, and be patient with the woman he loves – and have fun doing it!

She didn’t have the right to breathe her sickly negativity into my healthy relationship.

I decided shortly thereafter that people who make me feel as if I have to defend God’s purpose and match for me are to be treated delicately but without personal sacrifice. Instead of investing my emotion into the conversation, I simply asked aloud, “Why do I love him?” and caught his eye across the room. We both smiled at each other and winked. We held our gaze while laughing and I forgot about the woman’s accusing tone.

You can lose yourself in love, you know.

And that’s not always a bad thing…

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