So, How’s Married Life?

We are coming up on our one-month marker this Tuesday and people want to know: “How’s married life?” We have spent the first few weeks moving in, unpacking, and looking for crevices in our new place to store all of our acquired treasures. We have honeymooned,  soaked up the sun, and cooked a family meal for…… Continue reading So, How’s Married Life?

Give thanks!

Today I am grateful for: Clean dishes Weekends with Freddy Check marks on my wedding to-do list Sunshine Family Countdowns Gatherings with friends Dark-chocolate-covered raisins H2O Snail mail My fiance’s ability to set me up for success September parties with family God’s plan Ada Bible Church messages Pandora, my workout buddy My heart is full…… Continue reading Give thanks!

Go ahead. Lose yourself in love.

Remember when I used to blog? Yeah, neither do I… The truth is, I’ve been so terribly busy these days that I just can’t seem to find the time! Those people who blog all of their wedding plans, I’m convinced they’re jobless. Or not planning their wedding. Or much more efficient than I. Regardless, they’ve…… Continue reading Go ahead. Lose yourself in love.