So, How’s Married Life?

We are coming up on our one-month marker this Tuesday and people want to know: “How’s married life?”

We have spent the first few weeks moving in, unpacking, and looking for crevices in our new place to store all of our acquired treasures. We have honeymooned,  soaked up the sun, and cooked a family meal for part of Fred’s family.

We have fought over little things and big things – Yes, fought! (I know. I have now tabled my idealistic view of newlyweds which involved a lot of time spent one-on-one with a few trips outside of the house to grab a cup of coffee…I’m still coming to terms with the fact that the world doesn’t stop when you’re first married. Ha!)

Our opposite schedules mean that we have been cramming all of our newlywed excitement and learning into shorter periods of time. I wait up for my husband to come home from his “workday” every night and he wakes up early every morning to see his wife off. It was difficult to start (I LOVE my sleep), but the routine we’re building is beautiful. We have one night during the work-week, Saturday mornings, and Sundays (I love Sundays!) to spend together without infringing on sleep schedules – and we take full advantage of that time!

Ultimately, we love being marriedWe have joy together.

Whether we’re taking care of chores, swapping stories, digging into the top layer of wedding cake…uhh…I mean…enjoying a meal together?, or disagreeing about the right way to plan our day, we’re doing it out of this new depth of love and happiness. It’s fun!

We’re fun.

And married life…is great!

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