6 Weeks and Counting

So it’s been about 6 weeks since my wife, Megan, has been reeling you into our new life together through her favorite scratchpad…. blogging.  Originally, we were going to maintain this blog as a partnership, but I haven’t really been able to keep my end of the bargain up until now.  Maybe it’s because I would rather spend my time watching the news, playing my guitar, looking at real-estate listings online, or tapping into my new-found hobby – leather tooling.   Oh yeah, and my favorite hobby of all – – – staring at my beautiful wife! Either way, I feel like I have been contributing to this blog through our day-to-day interactions, in-house bloopers, ups, downs and matrimonial growth that we have experienced thus far.  I mean, let’s be honest here.  It definitely gives us some great material to write about.

So what have the last 6 weeks been like?  Well I certainly wouldn’t trade them for anything.  Since Megan and I waited until we were married until we lived together, it was (and still is) a huge adjustment.   I am a neat freak and Megan….. isn’t :), we work opposite schedules, Megan likes to play inside and I like to play outside, and so forth.

Adjustment. Let me spell it out for you….

You know when you go to Meijer to buy a fishy?  You bring him home in that big empty plastic bag right?  Now, they fill that bag with water from the aquarium so the fishy doesn’t convulse over a rapid change in temperature when being transported.  Even though the fishy has nothing in that plastic bag, he is comfortable and stable.  Once you have that cute little fishy home, you arrange his new aquarium with treasure, seaweed, corral and all of the little pleasures of the sea.  You have so much built up anticipation to see him swimming through the beautiful world you have created for him that you forget he must slowly be adjusted to the new water temperature that you open the bag and let it rip!  You dump your precious little fish into arctic waters only to see him convulse and go unresponsive for the first ten minutes… OH NO!

Now I’m not at all insinuating that our first 6 week has consisted of convulsions or floating belly up, but it has taken compromise and adjustment on both parts.  Megan nor I had much before we moved in together.  We lived in empty homes, but we were comfortable with what we had.  It’s different coming home and not being able to find things were you left them.

Anyhow,  I feel like I am getting pretty hungry now.  I must leave you all until next time!

2 responses to “6 Weeks and Counting”

  1. Oh. Austin and I had quite the first year together. I think I threw a dish rag at his head, but he threw a shoe . . . not AT me, but in my general direction. We were hilarious. Period. Almost 12 years later and we still look back with such fondness and wouldn’t trade a molecule of our experience. I like our little volatile and emotionally charged story. 🙂

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