Oh! Hello, December.

Good grief! Where have the days gone? It’s already December!

December means that Freddy and I are running out of time to find the perfect Christmas tree. We have the best place for it. Well, we had the best place for it – in the corner, right in front of the small window by the fireplace – until a certain instrument made for itself a new home. We’re settling in.

In honor of the Christmas season, the guitar must find its home in a nice little case. A temporary housing until January.

I would love to tell you that Freddy and I are planning out new traditions, sitting cross-legged in front of the fireplace to talk about all of our family traditions and which ones we want to bring inside our home. Those conversations haven’t taken place yet. I’ve been gathering ideas from Pinterest, of course, but none of those ideas have come to fruition. We’ve been busy! And I’m not entirely sure what we’ve been busy doing…but we’ve been busy.

That’s life, isn’t it?

What we do know is that December will bring a trip to the east side of the Mitten – too short but so sweet. It means published wedding photos, gatherings with friends, chores and bills, budgeting, increased responsibility at our church, work, and that elusive Christmas tree. It also means redefining or reconfirming our priority to put God first. To celebrate Jesus’s birth. To be Christmas lights for others. To be humbled.

I can’t be certain what that’s going to look like this December, but perhaps in pursuing Him, we will stumble across our new traditions…

Wishing you a blessed Christmas season!

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