The Arrival: Luke 1:11-17

This Sunday, we started a new series at our church. The series is called “The Arrival” and lasts through December and into January to prepare us for and carry us through the Christmas day.

We started out in Luke and heard about Zechariah’s visit from the angel Gabriel. Long story short, he and his wife Elizabeth had waited for a child until they were past the years of childbearing. They were good people. Faithful. Kind. Never left dishes in the sink. (Okay, so I’m ad-libbing, but the Bible tells us that they were upright in His eyes). The point is, they (presumably) felt ashamed that they were barren. Anyway, Gabriel comes to tell Zechariah that they’re going to have a child! It’s unbelievable, right? That ship has sailed, or so they thought…

Skip to Monday night. There’s a “Beyond the Week” section in our bulletins so we can keep studying throughout the week. Today’s question is posed: “What prayer have you been waiting for God to answer?”

Sitting and thinking about what is on my heart, I definitely do have a prayer or two on my mind. But what I really feel is an absence of longing. Sure, there will be many seasons of longing and heartache in my life and I know that I will have many more obstacles in my life, but my former feeling of yearning has been quelled by my husband.

Plain and simple, God placed Freddy on my heart. My hubby!

I love this time that’s been dubbed the “honeymoon” period! I do want this blog to deal with real issues and struggles as well as the joys of marriage (and I’ll get to the difficulties), but right now, my heart is calm and overjoyed and encouraged. If not for you who read, then just for Freddy and me, I want to document this time. I want to hold onto it so that when we butt heads or when our hearts are sorrowed with whatever dark days lie ahead of us, we have a written reminder of the intense, wonderful, beautiful, overwhelming sense of love and appreciation! So much appreciation!

Listen: If you have a prayer on your heart, stay faithful. God doesn’t answer in our time and sometimes His answer doesn’t seem to be the right one, but He hears us. He knows our hearts. Stay faithful. Stay hopeful.

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  1. Keep working ,fantastic job!

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