What Will 2012 Bring Us?

I love New Year Resolutions. I love pretending that I’m going to be better this year, more organized, fitter, more attentive. I’ve already failed several of the resolutions I’ve happily dreamed up over the past few weeks, but it’s okay because during the first month of a new year, I just make up more!

My staple resolution (which I have never stuck out despite choosing it several years in the running) is to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. I go through phases but mostly, I just don’t like the taste of it!

My husband doesn’t believe in resolutions. He “resolves” every day, he says. Pah… he would say that. He resolves to make me more organized and more attentive, I think! Hahaha. Good luck!

All seriousness aside, I’ll probably finish out the year more “house-broken” than I’m starting it off. Fred hopes, anyway. I’ll try for him.

What else could happen in 2012?

In my dream world, Freddy and I will be booking a trip to Italy and France this year. We’ll become home owners. We will welcome a puppy into our lives. We’ll see success and role changes in our jobs. If my co-workers are right on the bets they’ve been placing, we’ll start planning for a baby!

Who knows what 2012 will bring! I hope that we have joyful occasions to celebrate, but I am grateful that we’ll have each other regardless.

What I DO know about 2012 is that I am going to get nagged about clothes on the floor. And I AM going to nag about…mostly everything. We will race to pay bills on time every so often. We will eat terrible meals cooked by yours truly. We will disagree about how long it’s acceptable to keep clothes in the dryer and claim that the other person forgot to pick up more toilet paper. We will laugh so hard that our stomachs will be sore. We will jump up to greet each other at the door and squeeze the stress out of our day with a hug. We will encourage each other to be better. And pray together. And find out how to make all of our quirks and differences complement one another.

2012 will be an epic year, whatever comes our way.

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