The Cost of Extra Work Hours

When you’re salaried and go to work on a Saturday, you’re essentially working for free. I’m actually happy to do that when I can see the benefits at the end of the day or when I’m working side by side with my coworkers. Who doesn’t love teamwork at the workplace? But even through the thrill of going above and beyond, I feel a huge drain. It’s not about the work. It’s not about the extra hours.

Here’s the skinny:

My coworkers come in as early as possible on Saturdays so they can spend the rest of the day with their family. I think that’s awesome! I like that I work with such family oriented guys. But here’s the problem: If they come in at the beginning of the day, then I have to get in at the beginning of the day.

I don’t get to hustle to meet up with my family.

In fact, I have to grab coffee and rush out the door when my family has the entire morning free. And by the time I’m done, he’ll be at work.

So I hurry off and match pace with my team as we rush to get through our Saturday work hours…only I’m not rushing toward anything, except maybe an empty house or more time not spent with my family.

I know that no one likes to work a Saturday, but I think I might loathe working Saturdays. Boo.

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