Family Matters

We got through week one with Winston! In that first week, there were more accidents than appreciated and also very little sleep – HOW do new moms do it?!?!

(On a happy note, Winston did learn how to go down stairs!)

Needless to say, I have been a walking ZOMBIE the past 8 days. Not one of those cool, trendy zombies either – just the kind that walks into walls and cannot focus long enough to hear anything you say.


Luckily, both of us have been incredibly sleep deprived so any potential arguments have erupted in laughter and nonsense insults jockeyed back and forth before collapsing into each other for a hug and puppy kisses.

On Friday, Freddy and I took some time out for a date night at the opera. We went to the DeVos Performance Hall where the Grand Rapids Opera performed La Boheme. Beautiful opera. I cried. After a week of sleep deprivation, the evening started with tears of exhaustion over not having the right outfit (ha – pitiful), but we had a wonderful night! It really made me aware of how little time I get to spend with my husband. I miss him!

That’s all I have. Pup slept the whole night last night but I’m still recovering.

P.S. It’s my birthday week!

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