Memorial Day Weekend

The months have been going by faster and faster and somehow we’re just about ready to say goodbye to May and hello to June!

Winston is becoming a dashing young dog. We’re grateful for his gentle spirit and amused by his curiosity.


In the past month, Winston has had several growth spurts (both mental and physical) and now sits on command, comes when you call, and stands with his back at 1’5″.

I know this because I just measured him. I wanted to get an accurate measurement, so I started with a metal measuring tape and called him over to me. Unfortunately Winston has never seen a metal measuring tape before, so I ended up with a frightened dog hiding behind Freddy and urine on our bathroom rug (Winston’s, not Freddy’s). Needless to say, I was asked to put the measuring tape away. Not to be deterred, I grabbed Winston’s leash and marked a quick line before taking the pup outside. Upon our return, I measured the leash. Low and behold: 1’5″.

As far as the marriage scene goes, our opposite schedules are perfect for keeping the puppy fed, pottied, and exercised but continue to do little for our relationship. That’s not to say that we’re not sharing laughs, making plans, and enjoying one another’s company; we’re just continuing to work hard for it.

Mid month, Freddy rearranged his day off during the week to have my birthday free. We met up with our friends at the newly remodeled Village Inn and came back for puppy introductions and some games. It was low-key and my ideal way to ring in the “quarter-century” mark!

This past weekend, we made a trip to the east side of the state to introduce Winston to our family, but more importantly, to check our priorities and make sure that visits with our extended family do not fall off as we continue to dive into our careers and juggling life as a family of 3. (We are blessed to call Ada Bible Church our home and grateful for the reminder to stay balanced in this way!) This weekend, we head up north for more family introductions and again, to cherish time with our extended family.

I’ve started little projects around the house for organization and tidiness (I’ve found that making projects out of it makes it more fun to bless my husband with a clean house). We’re starting up real conversations with a Realtor. Lastly, Freddy told me just this morning that he has been praying for our marriage; he says, “It makes no sense to pray for our marriage only if things get bad!”

What a lucky woman I am!

We’ve been busy this May but we have also been prodded by God in this month to be better (better servants, better witnesses) in several areas of our lives. As such, we welcome June as our month of “doing”!

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