Zoom Zoom!

Oh, we are rollin’ in this marriage! Picking up speed and ease!

Freddy and I submitted a packet to a Realtor this week that was filled with all of our hopes and dreams for our white picket fence. This is big news! It means we finally narrowed down the grid lines, the details, the flex areas, and the absolutes that will define our home, a process that might be simple to some but not for us!

We started this journey on opposite ends of the spectrum (I am a suburban girl who loves the convenience of the suburban world and Freddy is a country guy who yearns for the seclusion of the country life). The talk began before the wedding day and has continued nearly every day until this week’s submission, when we put our compromise on paper. Pretty big, huh?

Raising Winston is a joy now that we’ve moved past the “I-can’t-let-you-out-of-my-sight-for-one-second-because-you’ll-pee-somewhere” phase. He learned how to shake! He does it constantly but whether his timing is appropriate or not, I am tickled every time he does it!

Freddy has been rearranging his work schedule to come home earlier and I am elated! There is no substitute for quality time. It’s silly, but all of this extra time gives me that feeling… you know the one I’m talking about… no, it’s not sexual… and it doesn’t have to do with babies… I’m talking about that MARRIED feeling!

I love being able to go for walks as a family in the evening. Making dinner for TWO because he won’t have already eaten dinner at work. Going to bed at the same time. Sharing chores. What isn’t good about sharing schedules? I’m sure I could get a list from someone who shares, but from my side of the fence, there’s NO downside!

Speed and ease, folks. This marriage is continuing to grow and develop and mature and I am in love! Just thought I’d sing it from the ol’ mountain tops today!

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