Friends and Priorities and Reasons to Celebrate

When I was young, we had parties for birthdays, to celebrate the start of summer, or to mark holidays and graduations.

In college, we threw parties because it was the weekend, or Thursday, or maybe a game day or a day that ends in “Y”!

Now, we like to host parties when it has been too long since we’ve all gotten together or when there’s a new job, or engagement, or life event.

Our priorities are changing. We’re focusing in on relationships and discarding the need to ‘be seen’. And it’s so refreshing! (If you can call getting 10+ people in a small apartment on a summer night with the oven cooking up a storm and no cross-breeze refreshing! Hey, there’s nothing like a little sweat among friends – take my word for it!)

Tonight, I am grateful for those friends. For reasons to celebrate. For changing priorities. And for my husband – my ‘remember when’ partner with whom I am able to replay my joy in a Wednesday night dinner party to celebrate in the shared good news of friends.

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