‘House’ about a new dig?

We finally got in all of our paperwork for an official home mortgage pre-approval!  Not one of those chincy prequalification letters that amounts to nil once you’ve happily fallen in love with the house you want. Oh no! We’re setup to go on the real deal. We even received notice of our credit scores in the mail!

We’ve been working to bring our conflicting ideas of ‘the perfect home’ together over the past year and I think we’re finally at that happy spot of compromise-turned-to-collaboration. We’ve spent countless hours perusing online and we’ve even got a Realtor to help us.

It’s time.

We’re itching. Winston is itching. We need space. Room to roam. Room to cook. Room to grow.

Pray that we’ll find a suitable home for a someday-maybe family (in addition to Freddy, Winston, and myself, of course!). Pray that we find it before we miss out on some great deals. Pray that we’re modest and smart and filled with joy! And pray that we don’t fall in love with it TOO soon – we’ve still got some time on our lease!


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