Closet Break-Up

Well, it finally happened.

After months of living together in our small apartment, we finally had the closet break-up. We tried to work it out. I gave him more space than I wanted to give. He gave me more space than he wanted to give. We let go of some things to make room for each other, but none of it worked.

But both of us felt stifled.

So this past weekend, I broke the news to Freddy. I needed to move out. Spread out my life a little. Bring some breath into things.

I am happy to report that a week into it, I think I’ve made the right decision. Freddy doesn’t seem to miss my things much. I don’t miss his. Here’s how we handled it: I now have the guest room closet and dresser. Freddy has the main bedroom closet and one of the dressers. We share the third.

We NEED more closet space!

🙂 Happy marriage.

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