3 Houses: Maybe, Never, No Thank You

Freddy and I got back from our first house-hunting extravaganza this evening. It was short and sweet, I suppose. One of the houses we had listed to see went into “sale-pending” mode and came off our list and the other still has renters so it was unavailable for viewing at this time.

That left us with three houses to view. 

The first had a beautiful backyard, perfect for hosting! The rooms were good-sized and the house had an open flow. There were a few things we would tweak and change and I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to give up both a living room and a family room for a family room and a four-seasons room, but it was otherwise wonderful! It landed on our “maybe” list aside from the distance. Just a little too far from work, church, and play.

The second house was in our perfect location. Find me another house in the area and I might make some sacrifices just to get in the neighborhood! Unfortunately, the house was not our house. We opened the door and I immediately began to clear my throat from the smell of dog. This could have been a million-dollar mansion and I would’ve turned my nose up; there are some things that a person with mild allergies cannot sacrifice. The patio, however, was beautiful. I’m not quite ready to give up a usable backyard for a wooded lot, but I would love to bring that patio design with us to our future home! 

The third was located a little too close to main road and highway and also followed the plane path to the airport. The areas were tight and while I might have entertained the thought as a single person, I knew we would too quickly grow out of the home as a family.

We chose all the sites so I’m glad we learned some new things to consider when looking at the next group of houses. Our Realtor is so friendly and takes the time to listen to what we liked, love, and didn’t want. She’s sending us some new houses this week, this time accompanied with some of her suggestions, and we’re going out for round two next week!

Keep us in thought and wish us luck!

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