Month in Review: July

July has proven to be an eventful month for us!

We had that great, unplanned staycation at the beginning of the month while Freddy transitioned from his position at the Jazz club to his spot at the steakhouse, looked at handfuls and handfuls of houses, found one! Whoops. Yes, found one. A fixer-upper that melts my heart but holds dollar $igns (and lots of sweat) in the projects ahead. What to do? What to do?

We finished the home inspection and are a day away from getting back in touch with our Realtor to assess whether the house is our house of dreams or horrors. I’m only kidding with the drama but we do have some decisions ahead of us, so do me a favor: Pray.

Pray that we let God direct our hearts and heads. Pray that we have just the right amount of influence from either place on the decision ahead.

House aside, we also had the luxury of another vacation this month! Freddy planned our whole trip and it was perfect. We headed up to St. Ignace with the pup; we dropped him off at Traverse City on the way for him to get better acquainted with his grandparents. Freddy and I cozied into a B&B across from the dock and took a ferry to Mackinac Island. There we road bikes around, sipped summer drinks, and hiked through the woods. We got to know some of our B&B friends on a “double-date”-esque evening and shared stories with our new-found friends every morning over breakfast.

We headed back to Traverse when we started to get homesick for our little Boxer-bear but not before stopping at a DEER RANCH to pet the sweetest, gentlest things I’ve ever seen! Oh – how I love deer! We fed them little carrots and walked along side them before heading across the bridge back to Traverse City.

Back in one of our cities away from home, we spent an evening downtown with friends and another with our friends watching the puppies play. Winston has NEVER played so hard and so long in his itty bitty span of life. It was great to see! (Man, we need to get that boy a yard!). We roasted a pig and warmed up with family. We partied from sun up (and earlier) ’til sun down and sang a very happy birthday to one amazing husband (mine!).

Skipped back into town with just enough time to see out the month – deadlines and budgets and inventories (Oh My!).

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