Our New Chapter: Life as Home Owners

For first time home buyers, our house hunting process has been relatively quick. We fell in love in mid-July and closed in just over one month. We had the help of an amazing Realtor whom I would recommend to anyone looking to buy in the Grand Rapids area. (Her name is Marilyn Wagner and she works at SunQuest Remax. Contact me if you would like to get in touch with her; I’d love to arrange a meet-up!)

To be fair, we had our hiccups along the way (1. falling in love with a fixer-upper when you’re searching for a move-in ready home takes a little convincing before everyone is on board and 2. it is imperative to have a lender with whom you have communication), but we are ecstatic to announce that all hard work and decision making culminated in today’s event: The closing.

We signed several variations of our names several times and chatted with the previous owners’ son. We gratefully accepted the keys and immediately drove out to unlock our home.


The emotions!

And so we begin our new adventure. For the next several months, I warn you that the postings will be house related on our journey to bringing Chateau Shier to life.

(Oh, and Winston likes it too. He even helped me clear out the garden today! What a good helper.)


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