We Broke the Cardinal Rule!

For those of you soon-to-be home buyers, here is a short list of things you are about to hear:

  1. It always takes twice as long and costs twice as much.
  2. Bathrooms and Kitchen. That’s where you make your money back.
  3. There will always be a project
  4. Have you seen The Money Pit?
  5. One room at a time.

You will always hear the last one in “the tone.” You know the one. It’s that cautionary, drawn-out tone that says “Do not take this one lightly. This one you must remember.”

One. room. at a. time.

I call it the Cardinal Rule of tackling a fixer up. I suppose I don’t have the experience or expertise to name it such but I did it anyway. Only the thing is when you have a Cardinal Rule, everyone knows you shouldn’t break it.

We broke it…

Wallpaper. Floors. Cabinets. Bathroom. Kitchen. Paint. Bedrooms. Living space. You name it, we’ve gutted some portion of it!

Now, I am not complaining (not yet). We’ve got a ton done and we’ve had some awesome help in doing it. But here’s what I think: I think that people stress the Cardinal Rule because if you break it, you will end up showing up for a day of work on the house and not know where to start.

Everything needs work.

My parents came out this weekend from the other side of the state to help (THANK YOU!) and worked themselves ragged. They took on the term “sweat equity” as if they were pouring themselves into their own home but they could see the panic in my ever-widening eyes beginning to take over. Luckily, they were able to call a little intervention.

We’ve spent all this time getting rid of things but had yet to add something beautiful. My parents suggested we get at least one room primed for painting to lift the mood and Freddy admitted that he’s used to living in a demo site from his time working at construction sites (and that I’m not); he jumped at the chance to steer me back on the path of sanity.

Here’s the wrap-up for today:

I don’t have a ton of picture updates for you today but we’re learning a lot! Namely: Don’t break the Cardinal Rule and you won’t need an intervention.

Oh, the priming? It makes a world of difference! We’re obviously neck-deep in updating, but at least the rooms are getting brighter. Freddy’s brother and his girlfriend stopped by this weekend as well and we were joined by my girlfriend who helped with the wallpaper. This weekend, we have another work party lined up and more help on the way! What a blessing! Hopefully my next post will be chalked full of before-and-afters!

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