Chateau Shier gets Internet!

We are finally up and running! Internet and cable got installed today and, despite the fact that our wireless router plug may or may not be buried somewhere in the house (?), I am elated.

This weekend, we moved over our last bits and pieces from the apartment into our home; we are officially full-time residents of Chateau Shier. As luck would have it, it rained during the transition. We were blessed to have a few breaks along the way but mostly, it just rained. Without the help of our friends, it very well could have been a miserable few days!

The current state of our home is a mix between beauty and beast. The bedrooms are nearly complete, aside from a few missing electrical covers, grates, some quarter round and curtains. I have a few outstanding projects (I still haven’t finished the bathroom vanity and have yet to paint the desk and dresser for the guest room), but Freddy has been moving right along. Our bathroom counter top and sink are installed. The tiles are laid. We grout tomorrow and follow with the toilet, back splash, and a little bit of paint! He painted the drawers in the hallway and screwed on new handles. He even managed to cook a delicious meal for us yesterday! (I don’t know how he has the energy).

I have been debating on whether or not to post nearly-there pictures or wait to do the complete transformation as a series of side-by-sides, and I decided just now that the side-by-sides will win. You will be shocked at the transformation; I am sure we will be also. We have put in a lot of work to polish this home’s appearance!

More important than projects, we are coming up on our one year anniversary. Can you believe it?! This coming Monday, we celebrate the day we promised to put God first in our marriage and love each other without fail. We’ve had our fights and fall outs, but we are blessed to have experienced so much joy in this first year. We constantly find ourselves stopping to reflect on all of the good we have experienced from the hand of God and from our family and friends. We certainly fall short of repaying Him or any of you.

2 responses to “Chateau Shier gets Internet!”

  1. Congrats…..I am so happy for you guys and cant wait to make drink vats of wine in the new casa:)

    1. lol…sounds like i drinking vats now….meant to say drink vats of

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