Deck update…

Today on my lunch break I stopped at Home Depot to pick up the paint for my soon-to-be outdoor bar. I introduce to you “Dark Cobalt Blue”:


Then I ran to the Dollar Store to pick up some knickknacks for cheap! The pillows and candle holder are new but they came from Pier1 after a quick stop yesterday. I got the white pillow on sale for $16 and got tricked into the non-sale striped pillow for $20. I love that it ties in my colors though, so I’m stuck with it. The woman did say that I could check back for a price adjustment within 14 days if the sales switch over. The candle holder not part of my plan (SHOOT) and it was just short of $9 on the sale rack. I do like it but I kicked myself once I made the trip to the Dollar Store today and saw how much more I could’ve gotten for less.

The little watering can was, of course, $1. I also picked up 2 sets of 2 $1 baskets to add to the bar, a $1 cutting board that I won’t mind leaving outside, and a $1 towel to clean up any bar spills.


And last but most importantly, I remembered that I already had in my possession the biggest budget saver for our deck! I have been pricing out garden stools everywhere but could NOT justify purchasing the $80-$120 ones I was finding everywhere (and thereby destroy my budget). My $1 watering can got me fixated on that orange-red color and it dawned on me: I already have a perfect garden stool! I climbed to the back of the garage and dug under shovels, brooms, and salvaged wood to uncover my one-of-a-kind garden stool. It was covered in cobwebs, flaking paint, and dead bugs (EW!) but I absolutely fell in love with after a good strong hosing down!


I always thought those bloggers were lying when they said they found their great budget saver among their own things while redecorating an area of their house. But as luck would have it, it can even happen to you and me! Remind me to show you the old metal push mower we found in the attic too one of these days!

Happy Heart.

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