Crazy Thoughts of a Homeowner

When you become a homeowner, especially when you’ve done most of the work on it yourself, you begin to think things that you never thought you would. Some of them are happy things or terrifying things or deep things, but mostly they’re just insane things.

They can be things like this:

  • Are my solar lights spaced out well enough in the yard for sufficient coverage and curb appeal?
  • How long would an apple tree take to bear fruit if I planted it today?
  • How many years did that neighbor work on his lawn to get it free of weeds?

Or things like this:

  • A carpenter ant?! My house is infested!
  • The dishwasher is awfully loud today… I wonder if it’s pouring water behind the cabinets.
  • If the gas line started leaking right now, how much gas would be released before the alarms went off?

But then you also have thoughts like this:

  • My husband installing smoke & fire detectors around the house is so romantic!
  • I did that.
  • I painted that.
  • I installed that.
  • I decorated that.
  • We chose that.

Ahh, home sweet home…

One response to “Crazy Thoughts of a Homeowner”

  1. Haha. I laughed out loud. You do take after me. Now stop it!!!

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