4th of July Weekend: Freedom & Friends

Our house is quiet.

We have had a perfect weekend filled with friends. The weather was gorgeous. Sunny and warm but not too hot. Barely a cloud in the sky. Ideal for barbecuing and playing bags, for 5 dogs playing in the yard and friends gathered around sharing stories, snacks, drinks, and time. I could not have asked for anything better.

Fred and I are fortunate to have great friends in our lives. We love each and every one of them but we do carry a special place in our hearts for our weekend visitors who unpacked their bags and settled into the 3 day weekend with us. They moved over 1,100 miles away after college but the shared weekend let us forget the distance for a while. We weren’t desperately trying to catch up on every little missed detail; we were roommates in a shared home.

It’s a blessing to have those friends that mean so much to us. Those coupled friends who fit like perfect puzzle pieces into our lives. Who love marriage and support us and each other. Who know the value of God at the center of two people and speak openly about the importance of having friends who feel the same. Those friends are priceless.

It’s quiet in our house and though the bags have only just been packed and the wheels have only just begun to turn toward the next destination, I miss our full house. Our rooms occupied. The dogs laying lazily side by side after a weekend of running, growling, and playing. The love showered by aunt and uncle meeting their honorary niece for the first time. The laughter. That doubled-over-can’t-catch-our-breath laughter that happens when you bring together friends with a shared past. Years of memories recounted over cheese platters and red wine. Future hopes and plans exchanged over coffee under the morning sun.

I could not have asked for a better weekend.

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