Emma, dear, you are over 3 months old today.

This past month has been chalked full of some pretty big firsts! You rolled over, from back to tummy and what we thought was a fluke has now become a fluid movement of grace. We were terrified the first time you practiced the move in your crib but your extra tummy time has given you incredible strength. You now sleep soundly on your stomach no matter how many times we put you on your back.

You started daycare this month. And although my heart whispers it like a confession, you have thrived on your new schedule with your new friends. You stay busy as a baby bee but you never use up all of your smiles, saving your biggest and brightest for your mom and dad.

You attended your first concert. We sat in lawn chairs listening to Nickel Creek and everyone around us fell in love with that sweet baby in the front, bright-eyed and full of charm. At home, you love to play the air drums with daddy in between his songs to you; it makes the three of us laugh and laugh.

You drool. Your sloppy kisses and open mouth have soaked many a shirt and we’ve finally discovered why they make such small baby bibs. You did start wearing some of your 6 month clothes this month but you still look darling in 3s. You’re growing fast now though.

You bring so much laughter in this house, Emma Jo. Your bright eyes and gummy smile encourage our silliest behaviors and we are so blessed to watch you grow!

Happy 3 month, Emma Josephine. You are a blessing to this family and a joy.

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