Happy 5 Month, Emma Josephine!

Emma, dear, you are over 5 months old today!

Over the past few weeks you’ve been growing like a weed, turning pants into capris after one trip through the wash. You’re active. You roll across the room and scoot backwards across the floor, but not quite at a crawl. You push and pull and spin and turn to get a better view of mom and dad or a better grip on toys and textures. And oh, how you laugh! You laugh at belly kisses and repeat movements and squeaky smooches against those chubby cheeks. You are always moving, feeling, discovering.

You left one daycare and began another and, despite my fears, you didn’t spend a moment looking back. Crawling-confusion aside, you are always moving forward, teaching your mom to fear less and trust God more. At your new daycare, you claimed your title of easiest sleeper and took a bottle by yourself. You sit up tall, with a little help, and put your paci in your mouth.

You made your way to your first wedding dance floor and became grandpa’s favorite dance partner. You wooed momma’s high school friends and enchanted daddy’s coworkers.  You dined at dinner parties and lunch dates, dipping your hands in plates along the way. But when those hands reach up and your arm wraps tightly around our necks? We are hugged in happiness and joy!

Your dad and I would love to slow the clock with you and soak in every precious moment. We are living for the weekends and our hours uninterrupted. Our family of four. Full of love and time fast-moving.

Happy 5 month, Emma Josephine. You are a blessing to this family and a joy.

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