A Mile A Day: Day 18

I missed a day.

My husband was traveling and due to a communication error, I planned to walk after he got home at what I thought would be 8:00pm. He got home around 9:30 or so – after the sun had set.

I live in a great neighborhood but we don’t have street lights or sidewalks and my walk takes me away from places where I would seen. I could have easily grabbed a flashlight, my reflective gear, and my dog – but I didn’t. I had a funny feeling and I just listened to it.

I’ve been in the starting stages of a cold or allergies or Whole30 flu so maybe that was my funny feeling… but maybe it wasn’t. And after taking out some misplaced frustration toward Freddy, I’ve decided that it’s okay to miss days when intention tells you that you’ll do something and unforeseen obstacles tell you that you won’t.

That’s living, isn’t it?

But today? I’m getting my mile. And I’m adding to it. My new, perfectly-fitted bike arrived last night and I aim to take it for a spin!

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