2 Blogs Combined

Have you ever merged WordPress blogs?

It takes an incredible amount of time. Or maybe it takes an average amount of time but it feels like an incredible amount of time.

What did I just do?

Did I break it? Did I just lose all of my history?

What is this going to look like? How jumbled did I just make my site?

When I started on WordPress, I wrote under https://megdanielle.wordpress.com/ and I was incredibly heartbroken. I poured out my pain in words and formed a blog. Then, the man who broke my heart asked me to marry him and I said yes. (I know, right?!) It felt wrong to write about married life under the same blog that I had bared my soul so I started https://megdaniellemarried.wordpress.com/. Emotional bruises turned into baby pictures and (quite frankly) my writing turned to absolute crap over the past few years.

Then this year, something piped up in my heart. Quiet. Timid. But present. Start writing again.

I purchased my own domain because I thought that meant I was “serious” about writing. But when my fingers hit the keyboard, I felt a little rusty. Or a lot rusty.

True writers will warn you not to look back at your old writings but I started to long for the ease I used to have when I poured out my heart and knew that only I would be swept up in a wave of backlash if there was one. I love that style of writing!

So today, I merged my blogs. I read a quick blog about the right way to do it and then I threw caution to the wind, exported megdanielle and imported it into megdaniellemarried…which is now http://www.megdanielle.com. Confused yet?

Well, it worked. I’ve got archives into 2010 and I found some writing queues that are worth repeating in 2017.

Have something you want to try on your list? Write it on your to-do list for tomorrow and get it done!


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