Catching up with the Shiers

Freddy and I have been busy decking the halls and ripping up the kitchen this holiday season. You can take a wild guess on which one of us is leading the charge in either area. 😉 I’ll give you a hint: My Pandora station currently reads “Hanson (holiday)” – hahaha, don’t pretend like “Snowed In” wasn’t one of the best boy band Christmas albums you’ve never openly admitted to owning.

Anyway, the kitchen is almost completely gutted! The cabinets were the first to go, followed by the counter space, then the range, and just this weekend we cut the water. So far, so good. I’m making all the jokes but it’s really not that bad. The hardest thing is not having the range. What meal do you whip up when you’re exhausted after a long day at work and can barely get yourself into the kitchen? Grilled cheese. What if you have a lot of veggies on hand? Stir-fry. And if you’re really pressed for ideas? Pasta noodles and jar sauce. You can’t make any of those things without a range. Want some tea? Not today you don’t. You know what you can make? Peanut butter and jelly. Raw veggies. Cheese and crackers. Water. It could be worse but it’s certainly not gourmet.

Freddy is the b-e-s-t. I got him a chiropractic massage for Christmas because his back has to be aching from carrying the team! Seriously. He’s done everything to make this house a home. Except for deck the halls. That’s my job!

Some more news: Freddy and I sponsor a teen through Compassion International. Kevin is 15 and lives in the Philippines. He’s from a big family like Freddy and his birthday is a day (and several years) after mine. We’ve only exchanged one set of letters so far but we’re eager to get to know him and his family. He has been waiting quite some time for a sponsor and we’re committed! Actually, we’ve got several new relationships to grow! Freddy’s brother and sister-in-law are bringing home their babies this month! After much anticipation, prayer and waiting, some unexpected roadblocks, and the undeniable movement of the Holy Spirit in the process and people – they have been given the green light!  Twins. A boy and a girl. Kaleb and Nyah. 🙂 And they are sweet! I have to gush. I am their aunt after all!

And that’s about all. We sat down and had our 2013 calendar planning this weekend – lots of weddings and fun in the works! We’ll see Freddy’s side for Christmas. And we’re otherwise just living and loving! OH – no it’s not all… We get our cabinets at the end of the year!

If that doesn’t make the season jolly, I don’t know what does!