Damn You, Pinterest!

Five minutes looking through Pinterest and I think I can sew outfits, create DIY jewelry, cook gourmet meals, and effortlessly put together crafts. Ten minutes later, I find myself at the local Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or grocery store. In 30, I’m happily starting moving from Pin to table, determining my approach. In 45, I’m feeling…… Continue reading Damn You, Pinterest!

What if I never learn to cook?

Poor, Freddy. That’s my fiancé’s name. I tell you that despite my no-name policy for no other reason than this: He’s marrying me and will probably need some sympathy along the way – this way you can sympathize with him more directly. You might think that I am being too critical, but I’m sure of it. Particularly…… Continue reading What if I never learn to cook?