Graduation Day at Our Alma Mater

Happy graduation day to the most recent graduates of our Alma Mater, Grand Valley State University!

I hope your experience at GVSU has prepped you well for the world you’re entering, as it did for Freddy and me.

You may not all leave with jobs and a spouse secured, but if you were open to it while you attended, you will be leaving with great experiences that will carry you into the working world with confidence. Use your professors and advisors as resources! You may have turned that tassel, but those mentors who have spent the last 4+ years investing in you will not pull that support from you just because you’ve walked across that stage.

My professor didn’t give up on me and I’m proud to be celebrating my 2nd year in my career job this coming July as a result of her guidance. Thank you, Professor Grant!

Oh, and GO GREEK!

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